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Home Depot will recycle your CFLs June 26, 2008

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Home Depot announced that all of their stores will have a collection point for compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFLs). This is great news for those of us who have made the switch to CFLs to cut down on our carbon output, and our electric bills!

CFLs contain a small bit of mercury, which poses a problem when the bulbs are improperly disposed of.

Home Depot will accept any maker’s bulbs, no matter where you bought them. There are plans in place for other recycling systems for CFLs, but this convenient option offers a consistent drop off point and removes the burden from the consumer to find another solution. (75% of the nation’s homes are within 10 miles of a Home Depot – yikes!)

So, take your used CFLs to Home Depot when they burn out (in about 7 years) so they can be recycled.


3 Responses to “Home Depot will recycle your CFLs”

  1. Adrianne Says:

    Yay! Thanks Terra.

  2. ada Says:

    just an add-on to the post:
    the summit/akron solid waste management authority drop off center is located on graham road just off rte 8 in stow
    they take “items with mercury” as well as numerous other hazardous waste products.
    here is a list of items they accept.
    they have limited hours, located somewhere on their website.

    thanks terra for letting us know. :)

  3. terra Says:

    Thanks ada!

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