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Make your own biodiesel, and convert your car! May 22, 2008

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Disclaimer: this post is for people who don’t want to buy gas anymore.

Visit Instructables.com for detailed how-to’s on converting your diesel car to biodiesel. Diesel cars are more efficient than conventional gas to begin with. Unfortunately, they’re rare and hard to find. Check cars.com and craigslist.org for a listing of cars in your area. The good news is that VW will begin selling diesel Jettas and Rabbits (or Golfs) in the US soon. So, find yourself a diesel car, and check out these fantastic how-to’s.

Convert your car to biodiesel. Yes, a small conversion is necessary. Vegetable oil will harden in the cold, so you can add elements to run the car on diesel until it warms up and then switch to the vegetable oil, or warm the veggie oil tank so it stays in liquid form.

Make your own biodiesel processor. A small amount of processing is necessary – simply to remove food particles from the used vegetable oil. For the time and energy used, it’s well worth it.

Finally, how to make your own biodiesel. Easy as pie. No more gas!!

If you do any of these things, please keep us posted. It just makes so much sense to reuse vegetable oil and run your car with it. Diesel engines were invented to run on vegetable oil.


2 Responses to “Make your own biodiesel, and convert your car!”

  1. terra Says:

    Ken stopped by to let us know that we can’t run our cars on water. (His comment was filled with grammatical, spelling, and decency errors, so was not posted.)

    Lots of web sites advertise books about how to run your car on water. It seems questionable. I looked into it a lot and didn’t find anything that said it doesn’t work. But, there were a lot of clues that the “run your car on water” thing is a scam. So, don’t run your car on water.

    But, if you want to save on gas, convert your diesel to run on used vegetable oil. That is possible, and more natural for the diesel engines.

  2. Jim Kohler Says:

    Have been running an Audi & VW 190TDI, Isuzu 250D, toyota 3L KZTE + quite a few others on 100% home brewed Biodiesel for the past year, and on a blend a year before that. Interesting and you get to meet so many other great brewer guys. Contact me anytime. Jim.

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