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Neighbors Day Akron May 21, 2008

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This Saturday is the 2nd annual Neighbors Day Akron. The purpose of the day is to get to know your neighbors. People used to know their neighbors like family. That’s less common in recent years.

The theme is “Living Together Better.”

Neighbors Day can help create a more closely knit community that can mean a healthier environment for children to live and learn, while lowering crime rates.

Residents are encouraged to plan a neighborhood event, or just talk to a neighbor you don’t know. So, take that extra step this Saturday and get to know a neighbor.

Speaking of neighbors and Akron… David Giffels’ book All the Way Home comes out in a week. Don’t miss the book that GQ calls “the book people should be talking about this summer.”


2 Responses to “Neighbors Day Akron”

  1. Jean from 'The Rogue Nation' Says:

    Oh this gives me the perfect chance to meet a neighbor, hopefully on good friendly terms. When I take my dog for a walk this man comes out of his home and yells at me about my dog, bad habits and that my dog has worms. He yells at me from across the street. This will be a great time to go for a walk and give him a cute little plant and a friendly smile. Maybe he is just lonely and doesn’t even know how to love dogs. Thanks for reminding me of Neighbors day in Akron.

  2. terra Says:

    I’m sorry that your neighbor yells at you for walking your dog. Unfortunately, some people don’t know that the walk is a mental benefit for the dog.

    I hope he likes your plant. Just make sure there aren’t any WORMS in it! :)

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