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Recycle your Shoes May 13, 2008

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I know Crocs aren’t the cutest things, but they are so comfortable.

When your crocs are worn out, you can recycle them through Soles United. Your Crocs will be melted down and made into new shoes which get sent to places around the world where people can’t afford shoes.

Nike also has a shoe recycling program called “Let Me Play: Reuse-A-Shoe.” Worn out shoes – any brand! – are processed and made into playing fields, courts, tracks, and playgrounds.

Since the birth of Reuse-A-Shoe, we’ve recycled more than 20 million pairs of athletic shoes and created more than 250 sport surfaces; giving thousands of young people access to new playgrounds and athletic facilities around the world.


2 Responses to “Recycle your Shoes”

  1. terra Says:

    I have 2 pairs of Crocs. One is a cute sandal, very un-Croclike. The other pair doesn’t leave the house. Even though I like the new styles, and I love how comfortable they are, I’m not going to buy any more Crocs. They’re made of plastic, and they’re made in China. Those are two big no-no’s for me. I hope they start making them in the US someday!

  2. Adrianne Says:

    Those things always did kinda bother me. So I’m glad that people can recycle them.

    Your scooter sounds awesome! I hope that it continues to be great for you.

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