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Mother’s Day and Mother Earth May 8, 2008

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If you get mom some flowers for Mother’s Day, look for Fair Trade Certified flowers, or flowers that are sustainably grown.

Buying Fair Trade and sustainably grown flowers ensures that all of Mother Earth’s creatures are treated well. Most flower workers are women (or children) and buying Fair Trade certified means that the workers are paid a living wage, and their working environment is healthy and safe.

VeriFlora sells certified sustainably grown flowers. You’re likely to find VeriFlora at your local grocery store. Make the right choice for your mom, and the workers who picked her flowers.

Visit FairTradeCertifiedFlowers to learn about the workers who pick the flowers, the farmers who grow them, and where to buy.


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  1. Annie Says:

    Right on, sustainable flowers rock for moms! The VeriFlora Certified Sustainably Grown seal is a promise that consumers will get the beauty they cherish in a flower plus the assurance that they are taking care of workers and the planet. Happy Mother’s Day!

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