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May Miscellaneous May 7, 2008

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A bunch of thoughts from my head…

My favorite blog, Planet Green, changed its layout and I don’t really like it. Plus, the first few posts I read on there were “brought to you by Wal-Mart.” While I can see that Wal-Mart is coming around, I still don’t want my environmental news and conservation suggestions brought to me by a multinational corporation.

My cats go crazy when we play audio on the laptop. It makes me wonder if there’s something going on in the background that I can’t hear. Is it harmful? Or, do they like it? Does anyone else have this problem?

The busiest post on this blog is “Build your own electric car.” “Electric car,” or some form of it, is the search term that brings the most people here. I hope this blog is helpful, or at least guides you toward some help in converting your car, if that’s what you’re looking for. It also tells me that a lot of people want an electric car. The big automakers are busy creating fuel cells, or hydrogen cars, or natural gas cars, or gas-electric hybrids. Consumers want simplicity. We want to plug our car in to the wall (which hopefully will soon have electricity generated by solar or wind power). It’s pretty simple. The other technologies that they’re concentrating on will require a new fueling infrastructure. Keep It Simple Stupid.

My mind is on Burma lately, for a few reasons. I know many people from Burma, and they are so happy and sweet. Their country is being ravaged by bad government, and now a cyclone. I also learned that Chevron is not exactly helpful in the situation. If we need another reason to get off oil, it’s to protect the human rights of the people who process oil, and who live near the pipelines. Oil is dirty. For us, it’s great because we pull up to the gas station and it just comes out. There’s a human story in the background that cannot be ignored.

WordPress, where this blog is hosted, added a new feature that I like. The bottom of each post will have 3 or 4 links to other blogs with posts of a similar topic. If you want more information, or a different perspective, you can follow those links.

I’ll have some more relevant discussions soon.


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  1. Jean from 'The Rogue Nation' Says:

    I’m with you on the ‘Walmart’ perks for a website promo. They must be giving some good $$$ for this market stradegy. Trust me I’m really trying to stay positive. I would really rather that the ‘Planet Green’ could find a way to get funds like a donation from all the fans out there. I don’t get it.
    Your cats are most likely hearing some subliminal message that comes to your brain through a high pitch scream that you cannot hear, but your cats can. All animals can. I will listen to the message and see if I can pick something up and I’ll let you know, plus it will be interesting to see if my 80# pups react.
    I’ve noticed as well about the electric car taking a huge interest with people. It’s everywhere now. I would love to see where that goes. Please anywhere but through the roof like gasoline prices are right now. I watched a gas price sign change from $3.55 to $3.67 in five minutes! Wish my wage changed like that. Wow!
    My heart and thoughts are with all from Burma!

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