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Scooters for all May 3, 2008

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I must confess, I bought something new. I’ve been pretty good about “buy nothing new,” but when I saw this thing last year, I knew I had to have it. It’s a Genuine Buddy 125cc scooter. Looks kind of like a Vespa, at 1/2 the price. It gets about 100 mpg, and it just makes so much sense. I got my Buddy at Pride of Cleveland Scooters. (the one pictured isn’t mine) They now have two stores for more convenience.

blue buddyWhen you think about the price of gas, and the concept of a 4-wheeled car, it just doesn’t add up. We’re paying for gas to move a 1,000 (or 2,000) pound car, to move a 100-200 pound person. The gas we pay for doesn’t move us, it moves 1,500 lbs (approx). That process is so inefficient. And, most of the time, the 5-person car is occupied by 1 person, who drives less than 20 miles a day to work and home. This is one area where technology innovation has not kept up with lifestyle.

Enter… the scooter. It’s a 1 person car, driven by one person. It weighs about 200 lbs, and carries my 120 lb person to work at back, 8 miles a day. That makes sense. The gas I buy moves 350 lbs.

Plus, it’s fun to drive. I can smell the flowers, and see everything. The wind freaks me out a little, but other than that, I can’t wait to get back on the scooter! It’s a quicker ride to work, and I can always find a parking space. The benefits are endless.

I looked for electric, or diesel scooters, but couldn’t find anything practical. (to survive Akron traffic, you have to go at least 45mph) After buying the gas scooter, I’ve seen a few electric conversions that people are doing themselves. This guy built his from forklift parts. What ingenuity!

The best is an electric bicycle! You can pedal sometimes, and when you’re tired, or it’s too hilly, the electric motor kicks in to get you through it. I love that idea! (it looks pricey, but some bike enthusiasts pay more than that for just the frame)

Overall, the good news is that there are options! We can have a 1 person car, or a 5 person car, or an electric car, or a scooter or an electric bike. Whatever suits our lifestyle and our needs. We just need to invest a little research and find one that fits.


7 Responses to “Scooters for all”

  1. terra Says:

    I should add, other drivers don’t really scare me. But, they seem to think I’m going a lot slower than I am. Even when I go above the speed limit (to maintain the flow of traffic), people pass me. It’s a little silly. I can easily go above 50 mph on the scooter. No need to pass me.

  2. Jean from 'The Rogue Nation' Says:

    $$$ Can you only imagine; the people passing you and your little gas saving engine are blowing through the $$ gas $$ and why? For some reason people cannot stand to be near or behind a scooter or school bus or truck. It intimadates some people so much they have to risk and waste so much to get around them only to end up at the same intersection or light. To keep a calm state of mind myself I just don’t let it get to me at all when people pass me, I drive a school bus. I just realize that I am saving more $$$$$ than them, when I’m in my car. I tend to drive just as safe, ’speed limit’, in my personal car as my school bus. Cute Scooter Terra!

  3. ada Says:

    i can only speak for myself…
    -i don’t like being behind trucks because i can’t stand the smell of diesel. the stench make me feel nausious. when i see a truck belching black smoke, i want around it. when i smell diesel fumes, regardless of the vehicle emitting it, i want around it.
    -sometimes debris falls from trucks onto the road and into my car.
    -i have limited visibility with a truck in front of me. i would rather be in front so i a clearer view of what is ahead then behind with the ass of a truck for my main view.
    -i do not pass trucks with wreckless abandon.

    in short, there are many reasonable considerations for passing a truck.

    with a school bus there are additional safety and legal considertations.
    with scooters, like motorcycles and bicycles, there are considerations, as well.

    intimidation plays exactly a 0% role in my considerations.

  4. terra Says:

    I know what you mean about the smell of diesel. I can smell a lot of car fumes on the scooter. But, people pass me when even I’m exceeding the limit – in a neighborhood no less. I think it’s just that they think I’m going slower than I am.

    Regardless… I try to be extra aware, and resist the urge to point out the 25mph sign as they are surely going 40. ;)

    Thanks for not being intimidating.

  5. jimmy sandusky Says:

    I, too, purchased a Genuine Buddy from POC Scooter last year. Mine’s an Italia. Sharp looking. I moved up from a Honda 80. The Buddy is much more scooter for the few dollars more I paid. The only accessory I had installed when I bought it was the metal rear carriage rack. I have affixed a detachable nylon rigid-framed basket to it that I found at Big Lot (2 for $8). The dimensions of the nylon basket fit the footprint of a brown paper grocery bag perfectly. The hook on the front panel between the legs is, of course, ideal for hanging plastic grocery bags. I love going to the farmers market on Saturday mornings from June – October after breakfast. The scooter handles the gal pal and me just fine. And our market purchases. Friends thought when I first bought a scooter that it was “cute,” “different,” a “novelty.” Now they tell me with the current price of gas that I was/am a trend-setter. I am at this very moment awaiting a call back from Phil at POC to make an appointment to get my scooter back up to his place for its first oil change and an upgrade of the horn. I’m going with the standard issue 2008 Genuine International Steble horn. More louder. More better. Hoot Scootin’ Boogie.

  6. terra Says:

    I love my scooter too. Brilliant move with the basket on the back! The things they sell cost too much, and they’re big. I like the idea of the basket for holding more stuff. I have the little basket on the front, but sometimes my lunch bag (a reusable cooler) blocks the light a little bit.

    I’m looking forward to going to the farmer’s markets too. I like to scope out the yard sales on the scooter, and then go back with the car if I need something big.

    Whenever my husband drives it, people ask him the gas mileage. It’s great!

    The ‘08 horn is really loud. Good safety feature.

  7. Tracy Says:

    My partner and I have Buddy scooters also. If you are ever planning a visit to the Farmer’s Market in Canton or yard sailing in the area, we could form our own “Buddy Cruise-In” at a local eatery :)

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