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Conference call with Sherrod Brown April 30, 2008

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Media Update: Sherrod Brown Press Release
Tiffin Advertiser-Tribune

I was fortunate enough to be included on a lunchtime conference call with Senator Sherrod Brown, who was announcing his new comprehensive energy bill. Senator Brown has participated in a series of “green” energy roundtables across Ohio. Anyone in Ohio knows that we have the potential to utilize our manufacturing base, and our educated workforce to create renewable energy. We can be the “Silicon Valley of Alternative Energy.” I’ve summarized his speech, and his answers to the press questions below.


Senator Brown introduced the Green Energy Production Act as a jobs bill, an energy bill, and an environment bill. Its purpose is to turn research into products, and put people to work in production of renewable energy technology. Our economic future depends on our ability to move to renewable alternative energy. If we take this step, we’ll attain the global leadership that America is accustomed to. This will would utilize the potential of this state, and other manufacturing states to expand businesses like solar & wind entrepreneurs.

Currently, Germans lead the world in solar technology because they made a decision to invest in it years ago. China is investing in wind production technology (building windturbines to sell to other countries)

While we’re debating whether to punch more holes in the ground, the rest of the world is passing us by.

This bill would encourage the commercialization of renewable products. There are too many great ideas left on drawing board or produced overseas because America hasn’t invested in renewable technology yet. Ohio would benefit from this because we have the potential. Our green energy manufacturing future should build on our manufacturing past.

The bill creates a Green Markets Program, and a Green Redevelopment Opportunity and Workforce program. It seeks to explore as many ideas and inventions as possible, and to encourage internships and apprecticeships to help our students learn the critical skills to meet the demand of the renewable energy future.

There is an efficiency grant program which would match energy companies dollar for dollar to develop renewable energy and to encourage energy savings. Currently, coal-based energy companies have an incentive to misinform the public about the benefits of solar and wind. This bill would help energy companies develop clean technology, so they don’t go bankrupt, but they can do the right thing for the environment.

Senator Brown said we need to build green energy here. It’s inevitable. Importing renewable energy technology like we do oil doesn’t need to be inevitable. It’s not in our country’s best interest.

Essentially, this bill will create good-paying jobs here at home.


Funding… over 5 years. This is a $36 billion bill, which incorporates a gradual increase ($1 billion the first year, $5 the next, and then $10 billion the following 3 years). It will make grants & proposals available. Some money comes from climate change legislation, which may include carbon credits.

We currently give oil companies $18 billion in subsidies per year. Perhaps some of that money could be used to fund the bill that creates jobs here in America and makes us energy independent. That idea would make it hard to gain the support of some Republicans, because they like to call the removal of oil subsidies a tax hike. Oil companies are the most profitable they’ve every been, and are more profitable than any other American company. We also spend billions of dollars in Iraq.

The bill creates an “investment corporation” to take it out of political process. There will be 7 members on the board, appointed by the president, confirmed by senate. Eligibility is based on criteria in the bill, which emphasizes business, labor, environment, and manufacturing.

Senator Brown doesn’t support the Lieberman-Warner climate change bill, and he doesn’t think it will pass. (I honestly don’t know much about the bill b/c I’m out of politics, much to my delight) Brown’s Green Energy Production Act is not an amendment to a climate change bill. This bill stands alone.

Is clean coal or nuclear included? No. This is about solar, wind, fuel cells and other new tech. “Clean coal” and nuclear power are not called “green” energy by most because of their harmful byproducts. They are not renewable sources.

Ethanol is not specifically mentioned in this legislation. As we look at food prices, Brown said, more technology will be developed to create energy from renewables other than food, such as restaurant waste.

What are the chances of it passing in this cycle? This bill is so different and innovative that it will take a long time to pass, so he is entering it into the public debate this week. It has potential. There are two other energy bills left to be debated this term.

This bill will get economic development off the ground by building solar panels, fuel cells, wind turbines, etc. Not necessarily producing the energy, but producing the technology. (The solar panels at Oberlin College came from Germany. They should come from Ohio.)

This bill gives me a little hope that, if we can get something like this started, we can swing ourselves out of the recession. We need green jobs, green manufacturing, and renewable energy that is inexpensive for the consumer. We can achieve this by producing the technology here at home. It’s the responsible thing to do.


5 Responses to “Conference call with Sherrod Brown”

  1. terra Says:

    It’s a long post, but a lot of great information, and good ideas.
    Senator Brown has the manliest web site ever. Check it out.

    For those of you who’ve never heard Senator Brown, imagine a really deep, raspy voice. And, someone who is thoughtful and really listens to people. Every time a reporter asked a question, they said where they were from… Senator Brown not only remembered their name 1/2 way through his detailed answers, but he knows the issues that are relevant and meaningful to that person’s community. He knows Ohio.

    In a time when I am seriously disillusioned with politics, Senator Brown gives hope. I don’t put all my stock in this bill, but his foresight, knowledge, and compassion are admirable.

  2. Great post and summary. I think the economic and environmental argument of green technology allows this kind of investment to transcend party lines. It is fantastic to see our Senator leading on this issue.

  3. terra Says:

    I thought you’d like that line about punching holes in the ground. He’s so quick!

    But that’s really what we’re doing. People here talk about drilling for oil in this wildlife refuge, or that coastal region while the rest of the world is developing clean, renewable technology, which they will soon be selling to us if we don’t produce it ourselves.

  4. Jean from 'The Rogue Nation' Says:

    Terra, I think before you know it there will be more and more people jumping on the green wagon. I am seeing it everywhere I go. Concern and action on the streets, with big companies, TV, and children. I believe we are really heading to a better place in all we are doing. It’s exciting. I’m excited and yes it’s great when someone like Senator Brown is taking such strong action on the issue. More and more of this will be happening I’m sure of it. It needs to and it will.

  5. newurbanmom Says:

    You sure are doing your bit Terra! I hope this bill passes – it can do so much in terms of advancing Ohio’s green agenda and ECONOMY.

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