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The worst thing about tap water… April 11, 2008

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… is that some “beverage company” executive discovered that he could put it in a plastic bottle and sell it to us at 1000% markup. Tap water is perfectly fine, until you mix it with the chemicals in plastic and put it on the shelves for people to buy (people who usually can’t afford it because they’re heading into a recession).

Bottled water gives the impression that is “clear, mountain spring water,” when it’s usually just tap water (infused with the chemicals that make plastic). I know, you don’t reuse your bottle, or leave it in the car. How long did it sit on the truck during transport? How long did it sit in the store? Not only is it just tap water, but some companies add other “flavors” to the water. One of those flavors is sodium, which makes you thirsty, so you buy more of their product.

It’s basically unregulated. Tap water is regulated by the EPA, which has offices in every state, nearly every county. Bottled water is supposed to be regulated by the FDA, but they rarely do inspections. So your bottled water may start as EPA-regulated tap water, but then the company adds their ingredients, puts it in plastic, and sells it to the trusting consumers.

Here’s the cycle of bottled water – Plastic is made from petroleum (could the rising cost of gas have anything to do with the 1.5 million barrels of oil it takes to make bottled water?). Then, the plastic is cooled with water – about 72 billion gallons of it every year (drought in the American south?). After the water bottle has been cooled with water, they add tap water, which is “flavored” by a company. Then, they truck it to stores, adding to the environmental cost, and sell it to people. People who could just drink their tap water.

Check into getting a Brita or Pur filter for your home and office. I recently brought one to work, and people were so happy. They don’t want to buy bottled water anymore. It’s expensive and wasteful. Take the first step… stop buying bottled water. Keep that money for yourself!

- Reader’s Digest had a great article about bottled water. Check it out.


4 Responses to “The worst thing about tap water…”

  1. terra Says:

    I don’t usually go on like this. I like to write about fun things people can do to reduce their impact on the planet. But, the more I read, the more I am convinced that bottled water is one of the worst things ever invented. It’s useless, wasteful, expensive, and bad for your health and the planet. I will have to continue my plea for people to stop drinking bottled water.

    Get a good reusable bottle (metal is best). You can decorate it to make it your own. Fill it up with cool Brita water, and enjoy! (Knowing that you’re not giving your hard-earned $$ to someone who doesn’t deserve it)

  2. don key Says:

    I love my brita pitcher-I have a nalgene water bottle I have used for 2 years-you are right about the cost

  3. Jean from 'The Rogue Nation' Says:

    Great Post! I was a bottled water junkie a while back. I bought the stuff by the case. I always didn’t like the idea of throwing the empties away. I felt like it was so wrong, such a waste.
    My daughter talked to me about the bottles not being healthy and what a waste of money it was.
    Then I started using my own bottles. I had a hard time with it at first. Seemed easier to just grab a already filled bottle of water and go. Tap, tap, tap………the gentle reminders of the chemicals in the bottles from the store, the waste of money. I even saw a tv segment about the store bought water was tested and it was just plain ole tap water…….That is when I really started thinking about it. I don’t like tap water but I did get a Brita and I really could taste the difference.
    Then my daughter gave me a water bottle for Christmas. I love it! I use it 100% of the time. If I am not using my very own nalgene water bottle I am drinking out of a glass.
    My husband has not converted yet. He always asks,’do we have any bottled water’, I always, calmly, but always reply, ‘no, I don’t buy bottled water, you will have to fill a nalgene bottle’. So far he is just re filling the old store water bottles. Someday I m pretty sure he will give in. Heck, I got him to turn the constant running water while he brushes his teeth off.
    It’s interesting to hear people complain about the price of gas as they are standing in line buying a case of water, 24 bottles for 5 bucks………..Really?
    thanks again Terra. Keep up the reminders.

  4. terra Says:

    Jean, Our neighbors are river keepers like you and your husband. They see so many bottles in the river! Maybe when you guys start seeing that, your husband will turn around. His health will be better and he won’t be contributing to the Plastic Ocean.

    Does he know why he wants bottled water? There’s really nothing wrong with tap water. It tastes fine. Bottled water isn’t from a spring.

    The beverage execs will do anything to get our money. Don’t give it to them!

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