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Guest Post: Environmentally Friendly Skies April 10, 2008

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Thanks to my husband for writing today’s post. I like to see the environmentally responsible activities in each city I travel to, so I asked him to make some observations while he visited Austin, TX.

While attending a conference in Austin, I was employed by my wife via cellphone. She asked me to uncover any “green” activity in environmentally friendly Austin.

solarDuring my short stay, I found myself preoccupied, unable to investigate much of anything. I knew my mission, but I was always a bit overwhelmed by the conference agenda, being pulled here and there, through talks and discussions. My wife’s request tapped me on the shoulder during the short breaks, and when the moments for “green” investigation presented itself, it seemed as though I was never in the right place. My only real find was on a drive down the interstate when we quickly passed a field of solar panels.

In the end, however, the destination to Austin didn’t provide the most interesting find. Rather, the Continental flight to Austin did. Now, I know there’s all this bashing of airlines and the canceling of flights ‘n all, but Continental really was the bright “green” find I was trying to locate. When the flight attendant shuffled her way down the miniature isle to bag all the trash, she made sure to place our plastic trays in a separate hand to ensure their recycled future. She even insisted that a colleague of mine hang on to the empty can of soda until the she could make her way back through with the recycling bag specifically for cans.

Wow. Impressive. Plastic and aluminum recycling. And so adamant about it. Such commitment definitely made a lasting impression on me. Sorry Austin, Continental wins this round.


2 Responses to “Guest Post: Environmentally Friendly Skies”

  1. Jean from 'The Rogue Nation' Says:

    This post get a huge ‘WOW’ from the ‘Rogue Nation’ fan. I started out with a smile on my face and then as I read on about the flight attendant walking down the aisle with such concern on the separation of the trash. I love that! Wow, if more humans could be so recycled and earth friendly conscious this place we live in now that we should be taking care of for future generations would be so awesome. It’s taking people like this wonderful person to help us stay on track. Terra’s husband, Thank you so much for the wonderful and uplifting post to start my day. What a great way to start my engine.

  2. ada Says:

    did you see the congress ave bridge with all the bats?

    side note: there is a situation between windmill farms and bat fatalities. bat conservation international, among others, is looking into it and trying to find a cause, extent, and solution.

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