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2008 Year of the Frog March 19, 2008

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I know that 2008 is supposedly the year of the rat. But, thousands of scientists world-wide have declared 2008 the year of the frog. Why? Here are a few reasons, from the Amphibian Ark website.

1. Amphibian species are becoming extinct at a pace faster that anything we have experienced.
2. Nearly one third of all amphibian species are threatened.
3. Many people do not know that amphibians are declining and how threatened they are.
4. Amphibians are indicators of environmental health, important components of ecosystems.
6. Amphibians are suitable for captive breeding programs and if every zoo in the world rescues one species, the goal can be achieved.
7. This is a unique challenge to prove that zoos and aquariums and botanical gardens are valid conservation partners. Zoos in particular play an important role in providing ex-situ breeding grounds for immediate conservation action

Amphibians are an important component of the global ecosystem, as indicators of environmental health and contributors to human health. They watched the dinosaurs come and go, but today almost half of them are themselves threatened with extinction. Addressing the amphibian extinction crisis represents the greatest species conservation challenge in the history of humanity.

Visit Amphibian Ark to learn more about frogs, or to find fun activities, sign a petition, watch Jeff Corwin’s “thank you” to science teachers, or buy a calendar for $5.

Click here to watch the Panamanian Golden Frog wave goodbye. This frog is now extinct.


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