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Vote today in Ohio! March 4, 2008

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Today is an election day. Please vote to keep the Akron Metro RTA system running. I’m not getting political here, but the Metro is critical to keeping our economy as affordable as it is. Without the bus system, workers won’t have a way to get to work, so employers will have to hire people with cars who demand a higher wage, which will increase the cost of goods we buy in the Akron area, not to mention putting thousands of carless people out of work. The Beacon Journal did a good job of explaining the importance of the RTA. Please read the article with an open mind. Think long-term about the economic consequences.

Also, the MetroSCAT is at stake today. SCAT is used by people with disabilities, and seniors who need to get to the grocery store and to medical appointments, etc.

Vote yes for our economy, and your neighbors.

Find out where to vote here. Polls are open 6:30 am – 7:30 pm. If you have problems voting, call your local Board of Elections. (Summit County – 330-643-5200)


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  1. Adrianne Says:

    I voted! for the metro of course.

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