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Ohio is “Focused” on reducing emissions, spending January 31, 2008

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focusOhio government workers will be driving the smaller and more fuel efficient Ford Focus (24/35 mpg), as part of an effort to reduce the state’s spending. Previously, state workers drove mid-size sedans, which are more expensive and emit more pollution than the economy-sized Focus.

The switch to a Focus fleet will save the state $242,000 this year alone, and the dollar figures go up as more economy cars hit the fleet.

That savings is just in purchasing the car. The gas savings will make the Focus an even better decision.

According to Autoblog, some state employees aren’t thrilled about the conversion, but Ohio has to do what it can to save money these days. The folks at Autoblog said they liked the Ford Focus, despite the exterior design.

(I like the “no parking” sign in the picture)


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