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Trev, the renewable energy car January 28, 2008

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trev-green-carStudents at the University of South Australia have created a two-seater renewable energy car. The lithium ion polymer battery lasts over 150 km between charges, making it the longest-lasting electric car. When charged at home, the Trev costs”$1 AUD per 100km to run, using what is said to be 1/5th of the energy of conventional car.” (that’s $.88 per 62 miles)

The Trev carries two people and two large bags. If people use solar or wind energy for their power, it is truly a renewable energy car.


It makes petrol look silly. -UniSA


2 Responses to “Trev, the renewable energy car”

  1. terra Says:

    I like the way this car looks, and the way the doors open. That’s the direction we face when we stand up. It looks funny at first, but we’ve got to think outside the box.

  2. It is cool looking, for sure. I am hoping my old truck lasts long enough so that I can get something like this at an affordable price!

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