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Eternal Reefs January 24, 2008

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reefCoral reefs are disappearing twice as fast as rainforests, threatening millions of sea animals, not to mention tourism and fishing. Reefs also buffer land from the effects of ocean storms.

A couple of guys from Florida have found a unique way to help save the reefs off the coast of Florida. They formed Eternal Reefs, a company that makes living memorials for deceased loved ones using cremated remains combined with a cement mixture that creates a reef ball.

With an Eternal Reef, a loved one can literally make a difference after their death. The Eternal Reef costs less than a traditional burial and funeral. Family members are invited to Florida for a memorial service, and to watch the reef as it is put into the ocean. Each reef has a nice plaque to memorialize the person, and memorial keepsakes can be bought from the company. They even provide Military Honors for servicemen and women.

I saw this story on the Sundance Channel – The Green. I recommend watching the segment of Big Ideas for a Small Planet: Pray. It sounds strange, but it’s a pretty interesting concept. It’s a nice way to help add reefs to provide shelter and habitat for fish and other sea life, and to provide a nice memorial to a loved one.


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  1. Todd Barber Says:

    You can learn more about how the reefs are formed at http://www.reefball.org which is a public non-profit that builds the reefs. You can also learn more about Eternal Reefs at http://www.eternalreefs.com

    Todd Barber
    Chairman, Reef Ball Foundation

  2. What a cool idea! Thanks for passing this along.

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