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FEED Bags Feed People January 18, 2008

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This reusable bag has a dual purpose – reducing waste and feeding children! The purchase of a FEED bag will provide food for a child in school for one year. The FEED program was created by Lauren Bush, UN World Food Programme Honorary Spokesperson (and niece of President George W Bush). This is an exciting and effective program because:

  • bag kidsBuying one World Food Programme FEED bag feeds a child in school for one school year.
  • School feeding acts as a magnet, dramatically increasing enrollment, sometimes by as much as 100 percent. It also improves performance at school; children concentrate better on a full stomach. Girls who go to school not only marry later but have half as many children as illiterate women. Furthermore, these children are healthier and better educated.
  • 10 cents a day or 20 dollars a year can transform a child’s life and provide the tools for a lifetime of self-reliance. School feeding is a simple but effective way to beat hunger and poverty.

The FEED bag costs about $60, but the impact is tremendous!

I found this story on Planet Green.


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  1. What a direct way to bring some assistance and support where it can make a difference to a child. Thanks for sharing information about this program – I’ll do the same.

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