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Tuesdays off January 15, 2008

Filed under: education — terra @ 7:50 am

Sorry, but I don’t have anything for today. Lots of great stuff coming up though. I have a class on Mondays in the spring, so my brain is drained.

If you haven’t been to Instructables yet, you really must check it out. I could waste days there!


2 Responses to “Tuesdays off”

  1. stacey Says:

    Haven’t seen instructables yet, but I have seen the british version, at http://www.videojug.com. If you have lots of time, check out “The Love Story” on that particular site. It’s great and clever.
    See you tomorrow, at SnB?

  2. terra Says:

    Thanks for reading my blog!
    I’m pretty sure I’ll be at SnB. I need to learn to crochet!
    See you tomorrow.

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