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Helping People Help Themselves December 19, 2007

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Many poor people find it difficult to survive the winter months because of high heating costs, and limited incomes that don’t cover the rise in energy prices. To combat this, Friends of the Earth and Enbridge in Canada have created “greenboxes” to distribute at food kitchens. The greenboxes contain:

  • foam draft sealers for light switches and electrical boxes
  • window film kits
  • foam window tape
  • two rolls of weatherstripping
  • two CFLs
  • applications for other programs that supply thermostats, aerators and showerheads.

This program helps people reduce their energy consumption AND helps them save money by reducing their energy waste. If they implement these improvements, they will see drastic reductions in their gas bills, and they’ll be warmer throughout the winter.
In Akron/Canton, we often read about house fires caused by candles. Most of these tragedies are due to the fact that people can’t afford to heat their homes because of the rising cost of gas, so they use candles, which lead to fires. I hope our region thinks outside the box and considers providing such a valuable service to people in need.

Enbridge, the founding sponsor of the greenboxes, is a gas company in Canada. Social responsibility benefits everyone.


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  1. That is an excellent idea. Cheap ways to tackle energy waste can bring significant savings, and simple things like those offered in the greenboxes are ideal for helping people to grab the low-hanging fruit of energy saving.

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