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De-ice with beet juice December 4, 2007

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Several cities in Ohio, including Akron, have found a more natural solution to icy roads: beet juice. Summit County will begin de-icing roads using a beet juice-brine concoction. It doesn’t corrode the streets, and won’t cause the same damage that calcium-chloride causes. The beet mixture is more economical than the calcium-chloride alone because it only requires one application, not three. We may also see less rust on cars.

Beet juice can also be added to calcium-chloride to increase the effectiveness of calcium-chloride. The beet de-icer, called Geomelt, has been used in several Midwest states, saving money and providing a “green” solution. Columbus is trying it too.

Don’t worry about the animals … the sugar has been extracted from the beet juice, so it won’t attract animals. Maybe this winter my dog won’t get so many hot spots! Last winter was rough on her feet because of all the chemicals dumped on the roads. I hope this will be better for the environment, our roads, and our cars (this beet juice doesn’t stain). Amazing things can be achieved by looking to nature for solutions.


4 Responses to “De-ice with beet juice”

  1. mom Says:

    That is a great idea. Makes me even want to run out and get so beets just to eat. It sounds so clean and fresh. I am going to check into it hear.
    Keep on sharing!

  2. mom Says:

    Gosh, let me try that again. I had a real off day yesterday!
    The beet juice De~ice sounds like a great idea. Makes me want to run right out and get some beets just to eat. It sounds so clean & fresh. I am going to check into it for sure. I love that idea saving the dogs pads too. The rough roads and rocks are hard enough on the poor little creatures, this would be such a great thing for them.
    Good work Terra on your postings and research!

  3. Kyle Says:

    I wonder if there will be any side effects with animals with the beet juice being sprayed in such large quantities?

  4. terra Says:

    That’s a good concern, and I hope it is carefully monitored by the city. They remove the sugar, so it won’t attract animals to lick the roads.

    I think the beet juice is less harmful to animals than calcium-chloride. At Lowe’s the other day, I bought some de-icer, and I specifically asked for the kind that’s safe for dogs. I don’t know if it really is safe, but at least it doesn’t leave particles that can get lodged between her toes, or that she would find tasty. Unfortunately, I don’t think animals’ health is taken into consideration when we are spraying chemicals into the environment. I blame the chemicals on sidewalks for my dog’s winter hot spots (she gets an infection on her feet, between her toes). People buy stuff for their sidewalks, which I appreciate when I don’t slip, but the stuff is made with such harsh chemicals. If the beet juice concoction is successful for the roads, I hope it will be sold to consumers to use on their sidewalks and driveways.

    The other benefit of the beet juice mixture is that it doesn’t need to be sprayed as frequently as calcium-chloride. Because of its cost, however, it won’t be used until the temperature is below 17F.

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