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One of a Kind Pets December 3, 2007

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One of a Kind Pets in Akron is a rescue group for homeless pets. They are located at 1699 W Market St in the same building as the gas station at the Market-Exchange 5-point intersection. As a rescue organization, they have saved over 600 homeless pets and placed over 400 into loving homes. Their extensive network of foster families takes care of the animals until they are able to find a home.

One of a Kind Pets rescues pets from the Animal Control facility, which euthanizes dogs and cats after just three days. Akron’s catch and kill policy is ineffective at controlling the cat population because cat lovers would never call them, knowing that the cat will be killed. A spay and neuter program would be much more effective at saving animals.

To Akron’s fortune, One of a Kind Pets has just opened their One of a Kind Pet Spay and Neuter Clinic at 1700 W Exchange in Akron. It’s a low-cost clinic, offering spay and neuter services starting at just $30. Their Feral Cat Spay and Neuter Package includes the operation, plus vaccinations and a flea treatment for just $45. Here are a few facts, which point out why a low cost clinic is so vital to our community:


  • 4-6 million adoptable pets are euthanized each year because they don’t find homes
  • 70,000 puppies and kittens are born each day (compared to 10,000 humans)
  • only 1 out of 12 cats will find safe haven in a loving home
  • only 1 out of 10 dogs will be nurtured and loved for its lifetime
  • a female cat that has not been spayed, and her offspring, will produce 370,000 kittens in just 7 years

(the above facts taken from One of a Kind Pets’ newsletter)

The Spay & Neuter Clinic would appreciate donations, which can be directed to animal care, spay and neuter services, or their Pit Bull Fund, the FREE Pit Bull Spay and Neuter program. Many communities have a pit bull overpopulation because the people who have pit bulls often don’t alter them, believing that it emasculates them. It is critical for pit bulls (and all dogs) to be spayed or neutered, for the dog’s health and the community’s safety.

Please keep One of a Kind Pets in mind this holiday season. If you’re able, consider a donation. Check out their wish list before hauling stuff to the curb or dumpster. Or, offer your services as a volunteer. The store on W Market St sells food and toys, with profits benefiting the rescue organization. My dog loves to get her nails clipped there, and I like knowing that the cost helps pets like her find a good home.


3 Responses to “One of a Kind Pets”

  1. Lauren Schering Says:

    I recently went to the “one of a kind pets” location to attempt to adopt a dog. They claim that they rescue puppies before euthanasia and send them off to good homes. I am 20 year old female that came in with her 10 year old nephew to adopt a young dog that I had called about earlier that afternoon. They denied me adoption because I currently live with my mother and she was not with me (seriously!). Their animals are a minimum of 200 dollars and are no better or more unique than anything you will find at a regular shelter. The only thing one of kind is the attitudes of the workers who are insulting and degrading. They treat you as guilty until proven innocent. The interviewers continually insulted me and accused me of lying about my current situation. I will never ever step foot in the store and I beg everyone to buy from someone that truly does care about finding their animals a loving home. That night I emailed the executive director about my experience and I have yet to receive any phone call or email inquiry.

  2. terra Says:


    I’m sorry you had that bad experience. They’ve always been really nice to me. I think they want to make sure that the dog won’t be returned or dumped again. I’m sure you can understand that they would want the permission of the homeowner, for the protection of the dog. It’s unfortunate that they have to scrutinize everyone so much, but they’ve seen the horrors of what people can do to animals, and I guess they’ve ended up overprotective.

    I wish they weren’t expensive, but it covers the cost of food, vaccines, and spay/neuter. The cost does hinder a lot of loving people from taking home a new best friend. I hope you find a great shelter or non-profit to adopt from. Check out petfinder.com. That’s where I found my dog and she’s a dream.

  3. Anonymous Says:

    I believe OOAKPR to be an amazing organization. The adoption center quarentines all rescued pets and is known for “heavily vetting” the animals – thus the $200.00 adoption fee. All illnesses are treated prior to adoption. Sadly, most animals have some – or multiple – medical issues to address. Animals are spayed and neutered and current on all vaccines. Lastly, The animal is microchipped to assure a safe return should it become lost once again.

    They do, in fact, rescue animals from Animal Control prior to euthanasia; however, they’d tell you themselves that their animals are no more beautiful than the ones they had to leave behind. They’d also tell you to rescue from Animal Control before coming to their shelter.

    Scrutinizing the pet’s next owner is part of their job. The animals have been thru a lot prior to being rescued and they want their next home to be their last! It is not uncommon for a home owner to not want to incorporate an animal that someone else in the home desires. In fact, animals aquired like this are frequently returned – creating more confusion for the pet. Anyone that understands the “bonding” that takes place between a social pack animal and an owner will also understand the stress caused to the animal when its environment is continually changed.

    Most people appreciate how rescue organizations scrutinize them when adopting an animal because they too understand what sensitive creatures they are and what trauma they have already been thru.

    I believe, if you network with other rescue groups, you will find they all have the same standard when it comes to renting or owning a home. I’m grateful for their commitment to these animals that can’t scrutinize a “potential owner” themselves. There is a lot to owning a pet and education is key!

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