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Google is becoming a Green Leader December 1, 2007

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googleGoogle has announced its plan to make renewable energy that’s cheaper than coal with their new project, RE>C. They will invest in solar thermal power, wind power, and geothermal plants. This is very exciting, as Google could end up investing more money than our federal government on renewable energy. They’ve proven to have a successful business model, and it’s nice to see them using their resources for the greater good. Check out Google.org for more of their good deeds.

Their plan for renewable energy also promises to create more jobs, as technology is developed and implemented. They will hire engineers, researchers, and energy experts to develop power from natural, renewable sources.

They will do this in years, not decades.

Coal is the primary power source for many around the world, supplying 40% of the world’s electricity. The greenhouse gases it produces are one of our greatest environmental challenges. Making electricity produced from renewable energy cheaper than coal would be a key part of reducing global greenhouse-gas emissions.

“Cheap renewable energy is not only critical for the environment but also vital for economic development in many places where there is limited affordable energy of any kind,” added Sergey Brin, Google Co-founder and President of Technology.

This is an example of corporate social responsibility at its best.

Google Earth can now show you air pollution in 3-D. You can also see Fair Trade farms/regions, and many other “Global Awareness” factors.


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  1. David Says:

    Nice post. Looks like wind power is really starting to get some serious consideration in Australia now.

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