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Look Who’s Here – The smart Car November 29, 2007

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The Smart Car is currently on display at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, but starting in January, 2008, it will be seen on the roads of USA. The smart fortwo is based on the European model. It seats two, is street legal, goes up to 90mph, and gets 40+ mpg.

It was designed with safety and efficiency in mind, and utilizes a “tridion safety cell [which] is a “hard shell” that surrounds the smart fortwo’s occupants with an energy displacing system of longitudinal and transverse structural members.” It achieved a 4 star crash rating in the US.

The smart gets about 40 mpg. So, why would someone buy it, if it gets less than the best hybrid? Price. It only costs $11,000. (The convertible is $16,000). The Prius starts at $20,000, and doesn’t even include a sunroof. My hybrid was $10,000, but it’s an automatic, and I prefer a manual transmission, which the smart offers.

Reserve one now for $99, which is refundable at any time.

Smart is an independent car-maker, and is a “member of the Mercedes Car Group, a Daimler AG Company.”


2 Responses to “Look Who’s Here – The smart Car”

  1. lil mo Says:

    Were can I get more info on this car? I’m writing a paper on it so I need all the info I can get.

  2. terra Says:

    You can visit the website at http://www.smartusa.com. Good luck with your paper.

    After driving to work this morning, brakes locking in the snow, I wonder 2 things… how does anyone drive an automatic? And how can I get a smart car?

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