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Time to Winterize November 12, 2007

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Now that it’s actually cold, it’s time to talk about winterizing your home. Here are some simple ways to stay warm and save money (and energy).

  • Caulk your windows and doors.
  • Use window shrink wrap – you can see through it!
  • Get a programmable thermostat, and set your home to be colder when you’re away or sleeping
  • Protect against drafts by putting a door draft blocker under your doors
  • Dress warmer and use a blanket to stay warm
  • Wear some cozy slippers
  • Wrap your hot water heater in insulation
  • Close the doors of rooms you don’t use often
  • Close the basement door, or hang a curtain to block cold air from coming up from the basement
  • Keep your vents clear of dust and pet hair for more efficient heating
  • Replace furnace filters monthly

Saving energy and staying warm is easy, but it takes a little work. It’s also important to stay moving – I’m cold at work because I sit at a desk all day. My house starts at 60F but it feels warmer because I’m moving around. We use our fireplace to heat the house, and since we’ve sealed our windows and doors, it gets up to 68 quickly, and stays cozy warm until we go to bed.

- tips from NewDream.org


4 Responses to “Time to Winterize”

  1. sab Says:

    Adopt a dog or two or three. They will love you devotedly, and they kick off an amazing amount of heat (nice in the winter, not so nice in summer.)

  2. terra Says:

    Good point. My cat sleeps on me and we are both warmer for it. Dogs are good for snuggling too!

  3. Good check list – I’m pleased I can check quite a few except the one dealing with duct cleaning. The vents are clean but we have a dog and I’m sure we are due for a duct cleaning…not sure how often this should be done.

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