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Keep those leaves October 31, 2007

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RealNEO has some great advice for what to do with your leaves, to help your lawn and your garden.

Every year, we rake a bunch of our leaves into the street to be picked up, but we leave a lot in the garden as a natural mulch.

RealNEO suggests to not only leave the leaves in the garden, but to mow them too, which will break them into particles on your lawn for the worms to compost underground. This will provide organic composted nutrients to give you a nice, green lawn in the spring.


2 Responses to “Keep those leaves”

  1. Oh I love any recommendation NOT to rake…we’ve already gone through 12 recyclable leaf bags in the last 3 weeks. Good exercise, but too much raking!

  2. terra Says:

    We might rake one more time, and then keep the rest of our leaves for compost. We get so many leaves! One of our trees hasn’t even changed colors yet. It’s been a strange fall.

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