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Green Halloween October 31, 2007

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Here are a few ways to make your Halloween parties a little more “green.”


It is possible to get good-tasting, healthy treats for your little trick-or-treaters. Try organic lollypops, fair trade chocolates, or Stretch Island fruit leather (pure fruit, no high fructose corn syrup).

And make sure they collect their treats in a reusable container. Nothing like a good old pillowcase for holding candy loot!


Check out Instructables or Etsy for fun, make-it-yourself costumes.


Find some old stuff around the house and make it into something Halloweeny, like Mac-O-Lanterns!

Really, Americans spend nearly $1.58 billion on Halloween decorations every year. Save yourself a little cash by making yours at home from reusable materials.


Use your reusable dishes for parties, not plastic, paper or styrofoam (gasp!). We recently had a party with at least 10 people, but we only have 8 bowls. Somehow, everyone had chili and dessert, and I guarantee no one knew that we were short on anything!


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