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Blog Action Day October 15, 2007

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Today is Blog Action Day, where bloggers around the world are focusing on one topic: the environment. I try to write about the environment, and ways to reduce your impact, every day, so I thought I’d highlight some ideas floating around the bloggosphere today:

The Butterfly Effect – “In plain language, tiny changes within a complex system lead to results that are impossible to predict.” This theory stems from the idea that the flapping of a butterfly’s wings in one part of the world could cause a huge storm in another part. Essentially, the Butterfly Effect would encourage us to be mindful of our actions, knowing that a small action, like throwing a gum wrapper on the ground, could have huge implications for our planet, if millions of people do the same thing. Read the post for some inspiring hypotheses on the effects of humans (butterflies) on Planet Earth.

Things you never thought to recycle. Items like car batteries, cell phones, iPods, cds, drywall, jeans, etc. The list goes on, with helpful details, at Dumb Little Man.

Adopt the Sky. Users can adopt a square mile of the sky, for free, and communicate with the EPA and others about the importance of each square mile of the sky. Great idea! (My piece of sky is over Oklahoma, where over 53,000 kids and over 150,000 adults have asthma.) Behance has a nice interview with the creators of Adopt the Sky.


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