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Bottles are a waste of water September 29, 2007

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It takes “more than 18 million barrels of oil and up to 130 billion gallons of fresh water a year to create” bottles for bottled water.

Repeat: 130 billion gallons of fresh water to create the bottles.

All that is before the “41 billion gallons of water [which] is then used to fill them – water that is often just tap water.” According to a study at the Oregon State University.

Please, please stop buying bottled water. It is really bad for your health, a waste of money, and a waste of water. Tap water in a reusable bottle is just fine. If you need it, use a filter like Brita or Pur.


2 Responses to “Bottles are a waste of water”

  1. mom Says:

    Terra, I need to have fresh filtered water. I cannot drink it from the tap, sorry.
    But, because of your persistance on what a waste bottled water is and I saw a news flash on TV a couple months ago about a company that is actually filling the bottles with tap water, I went out and bought a waterbottle!
    I was spening $5 or more a week on a case of water and I was finding half empty bottles everywhere around the house, garage and cars! GRRRRRR.
    The stores advertise such a good deal on bottled water….
    Sale price $ 4.99 Reg Price $ 12.99 Savings $8. !
    That is crazy!
    I now have my awesome orange 32 oz waterbottle that I put in the freezer every night (I tell my mind it’s fresher that way) and every morning at 6 I fill it with water and by 10, it’s gone. I fill it again and by 3 it’s gone again. That is 64 oz of water so far. Then I fill another bottle and usually don’t finish that but I do take a glass of water to bed with me, I think now I am drinking alot of water.
    And, did you know that if you drink in ounces half your body weight in pounds, you will loose extra pounds. Goes like this….. you weight 140, drink 70 ounces a day and you will shed pounds away. Of course you must excercise and eat right too.
    I know this got a little wordy but this is a big change for me and I believe in the DON’T BUY BOTTLED WATER voice I hear in my daughter. Thanks Terra!

  2. terra Says:

    Some guy was pretty smart – ‘put water in a bottle and charge people $1.50 for one, $5 for a case. They’ll buy it up! Pure profits for us because we’ll just use tap water.’

    Mom, do you remember when you learned that tap water is bad? I don’t remember ever hearing that.

    Use a water filter, and you’ve got free non-wasteful fresh water. Put it in your own bottle, and presto… bottled water.

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