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Car Free Day September 24, 2007

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We were able to be Car Free on Saturday, and it was a great experience. We rode about 1.5 miles to grab lunch at a bagel shop. Then, up Market St. to Highland Square. (I’ve been searching for the newest Epitome Magazine… a few more weeks, perhaps) At my favorite reuse store, Revival, I found a great used jacket for $14.50, so I bought it, stuffed it in the backpack, and rode downhill all the way home. The neighborhoods of West Akron / Highland Square have some of the most unique, beautiful homes I’ve ever seen. It was a great day.

It wasn’t too hard to ride bikes instead of driving the car. Maybe I’ll get a nice bike next year, to encourage me to ride more. I bought mine at a yard sale for $10. It’s been a great new “first bike” – rusted parts, can’t switch gears, and crooked handlebars. But, now that I have experienced the potential of bike-riding as transportation, I just might have to get a good one, and a helmet.


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