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Surprise! Food coloring and preservatives are bad for kids September 8, 2007

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A new study in Britain has found that food coloring and preservatives can increase hyperactivity, including ADHD in kids age 3-9, and also have adverse effects on the general population.

Children tested showed significant differences in their behavior based on whether their fruit drink had added colorings and preservatives, versus those drinks that were more natural. The additive-laden drinks increased hyperactivity.

“It supports what dietitians have known for a long time, that feeding children on diets largely consisting of heavily processed foods which may also be high in fat, salt or sugar is not optimal for health.”


Let’s try to eat fresh, natural foods that are healthy and taste good!


2 Responses to “Surprise! Food coloring and preservatives are bad for kids”

  1. Petey Says:

    Hi Terra,

    Wasnt sure where to post this but had to share:

    My dog came back from the groomer infested with fleas. Here is how I handled it:

    1.) fill a plastic storage bin with warm water

    2.) dunk the do in so that the water level is about neck high

    3.) hold the dogs body underwater for 7 minutes. Fleas will first attempt to hold their breath and attach to the dog. At about 5 minutes the hearty fleas will be climbing up towards the dogs dry head. It takes 7 whole minutes to drown fleas.

    4.) as you see fleas climbing to high ground, touch them with a cue tip soaked in alcohol (moonshine, vodka, rubbing alcohol)

    5.) remove the dog from immersion and give a bath in the tub with gentle shampoo.

    6.) dry off and use a medicine such as Advantage.

    This method avoids the flea killing chemicals in commercial fleadips and shampoos. That stuff makes me sick, I believe from absorbing it thru my skin as I bathe the dog.

    This method works for cats , if you can hold onto them.

    A older person told me that Racoons in the wild use the same method to drown fleas – holding only their noses above water until the fleas jump ship…& I suppose sans the alcohol swab

    The alcohol swab is very deadly to fleas – so much said for human consumption.

    Best Regards to you and K-9 friends

  2. terra Says:

    That’s a great idea! I’ve always struggled with the flea chemicals too. Our cats used to get fleas, and we used Advantage on them throughout the summer. Now that we have a dog, her heartworm medicine also prevents fleas, so the cats and dog have been flea-free for 2 years.

    We tried spraying the cats and the whole house with essential oils, but that didn’t work. Your flea bath is a better alternative to get rid of existing fleas. Thanks!

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