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By popular demand… a post on pet waste: DOGS August 30, 2007

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Dog waste is hard to get rid of because the plastic bags aren’t exactly biodegradable. Some say they are (here’s one), but as I’ve learned, our landfills are designed in such a way that nothing really biodegrades. We walk our dog every day, and she usually dumps on the walk, but sometimes does it in the backyard, which is where a waste removal system would be most beneficial. There are a couple of ways to design a backyard dog waste remover: a Doggie Dooley, a home-made dog waste compost, or a flushing system.
The Doggie Dooley is a pre-built waste disposal system that you put in your backyard. You add enzymes to get the stuff to compost, and the rest is history. It seems pretty simple, and you don’t have bad smell, bugs, or garden contamination.

dogVisit the City Farmer.com for a step-by-step guide to making your own dog waste composter. All you really need is a garbage can and a shovel. Cut out the bottom of the garbage can, dig a deep hole, bury the garbage can, dump the poop inside, and cover with the garbage can lid. You can add enzymes to start the composting process. Since this method reaches the soil, make sure you bury it away from food gardens.

This site, Pet Habitats, designed a dog waste flusher that may work for you. It connects to the sewer line and uses your outside hose to flush the waste down, bags and all. They say it doesn’t clog the pipes. Pet Habitats offers these environmental facts about their product.

I like the home-made composter and the Doggie Dooley. They’re both good options for people who want an easy set-up and low cost. Pet Habitats attempts to meet the needs of dogs like mine, who “go” on walks instead of in the backyard. They are all interesting options for getting rid of your dog waste in a environmentally friendly way.


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  1. mom Says:

    Oh I love the idea of the doggie waste compost. I already have the bucket and shovel in place. I put a garbage bag in the bucket and put a lid with a moon shape cut out of it. Then I put a frisbee (that the dogs can’t play with) over the top to keep the rain from getting in. I only need to dig my deep hole, add the enzymes and begin my doggie doo compost. Love it!

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