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Vinegar Cure-All August 28, 2007

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It’s hard to find a good cleaning product that is safe for you, your children, pets, and the environment. Many products look and smell clean and pure, but you can never be too sure. And most are needlessly tested on animals. Here’s one product you can use with confidence – vinegar!

Vinegar and water can be used with great success to clean just about anything (test a spot if you’re nervous). Clean windows, countertops, mirrors, wall smudges – the list goes on. It may smell at first, but the smell goes away. You could also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to your vinegar spray bottle to lessen the smell. Vinegar is excellent for getting rid of ants or fruit flies – wipe everything in the affected area with a sponge dampened with vinegar-water and they’ll be gone before you know it.

Combine vinegar with baking soda and you’ve got an excellent scrubbing cleaner that’s not harmful to the environment, you, or your pets. (use equal parts vinegar and baking soda, and let the foam settle first)

To get rid of weeds, spray the area with undiluted vinegar on a sunny day. They’ll shrivel up in no time. (Remember, every chemical you use in your yard could end up in groundwater… would you rather have vinegar, or Weed-B-Gone?)

Apple Cider vinegar can be used to cure anything from allergies to acne and high cholesterol. It can even help dogs and cats.

I put a bowl of apple cider vinegar with a touch of fruity dish soap near my fruit, and the fruit flies are gone.

Bonus – vinegar is very inexpensive, and a big bottle will last a long time!


7 Responses to “Vinegar Cure-All”

  1. mom Says:

    Good idea Terra. And speaking of vinegar on the weeds. We are killing off birds, bugs and other animals everytime we use the store bought chemicals for our lawns and weeds. In our neighborhood we have noticed a sharp decline in the birds. They need to eat bugs and if we are killing off our bugs with a harmful chemical the birds die off as well, they do eat dead bugs too. I like the vinegar idea. Again, good post Terra

  2. goosey lucy Says:

    i heart vinegar.

  3. Petey Says:

    Terra, I am going home and spraying my driveway weeds with vinegar. I will stop at Ace and get a sprayer bottle.

    Have been very hesitant to use Roundup or Agent Orange of sorts because the cat and dog chew on the vegetation.


    & Thanks from Cat & Doggie too

  4. Anonymous Says:

    You’re going to need to do more than post the link extolling the virtues of apple cider vinegar. How about a scientific study or something showing real statistics, not just the people whom it worked for? Have you considered the possibility that only those it worked for are praising it? It could just be a coincidence. If you had a study where people with certain ailments used apple cider vinegar and another group of people had the same ailments and didn’t use anything, and there were an significant increase in those cured who used vinegar compared to those who didn’t you’d have something, but you don’t.

  5. Tom Says:

    Dude, chill. We’re all well aware of the fantastic cures science has brought to us–they’re on t.v. every day, all of our cabinets are filled with them. However, very few of us know the alternatives. I don’t think this is really anything to fear. If nothing else, you could use the vinegar in a number of recipes, such as Banana Cream Pie.

  6. terra Says:

    Anon, perhaps you missed the welcome message where I explained that this is a positive space to share ideas about an alternative way to live, a way that is healthier for us and the planet, and reduces our impact on the environment. You’re right, I didn’t find any double-blind studies on the effects of drinking apple cider vinegar. My readers can decide for themselves if that is something they want to do, based on their own research, which they should do for any product they use.

    If you don’t like this blog, you are certainly welcome to not read it. This isn’t the place for arguments and confrontation. If you would like a debate on issues, go back to The Chief Source. This blog is not one where we debate, nor is it about political issues. It is about sharing ideas with each other about what we’re doing to reduce our impact on the planet, and how to do it in a fun, new way. If that’s what you’re looking for, keep reading. If not, you can find somewhere else to comment about conservation and alternative energy, etc.

  7. terra Says:

    I said you’re right. I didn’t find any scientific studies about apple cider vinegar. People can research for themselves.

    If you don’t like the format of this blog, you are welcome to not read it.

    Comparing deleting negative comments to Hitler and the Nazis diminishes the severity of their actions – setting up death camps for political opponents is not comparable to deleting comments about eating dog waste.

    Move along.

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