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Plastic bottles August 15, 2007

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We’re learning more and more about how much harm plastic bottles are causing our planet and our people every day. Not just water bottles – this includes pop, juice, and even baby bottles.

As the popularity of bottled water rises, so do cases of tooth decay for young children. One reason is because they miss out on the fluoride that cities add to tap water.

Baby bottles contain a harmful chemical, which could be causing “prostate cancer, breast cancer. They (children) become hyperactive. They show learning impairment. It’s a poster chemical for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.” Unfortunately, “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found BPA in the urine of 95 percent of people it tested.”

Plastic bottles are made with a chemical that causes reproductive harm to women’s bodies. The chemical seeps from the bottle into the beverage, into the human. “That damage is a possible predictor of reproductive diseases in women, including fibroids, endometriosis, cystic ovaries and cancers.”

Bottled water is a fast-growing consumer item. Last year, Americans spent $11 billion on bottled water. Unfortunately, the bottles often end up in the landfill. “Only 14 percent of water bottles are recycled.”

The solution
It’s nice to recycle, but we’ve got to Reduce and Reuse. Get a reusable water bottle and fill it at home using your tap or your water filter pitcher. This will reduce the amount of plastic that needs to be produced for your drinking convenience, and will also save you a lot of money. I couldn’t fathom spending $2.50 a day for 2 bottles of water. I get mine essentially for free.


4 Responses to “Plastic bottles”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I bought my water bottle yesterday. It’s a 32~ounce tall bottle with a straw. I love drinking from a straw. Here in Oregon our plastic bottles are recycled into park benches, bike racks, etc.
    So are the grocery bags. The grocery store clerks seem to love to use the plasic bags. I always take my own bags (bought two from Home Depoe $1.99 each and one from Fred Meyer $ .99) and they always seem to struggle with putting all my stuff in ‘my’ bags and still manage to slip one or two items in their bags. I always take them out and give their bags back. They need to be better educated I think and maybe the reusealbe bags to buy need to be placed at the impulse isle with the candy bars.

  2. Cherie Says:

    I was really surprised that you were promoting fluoride. Studies have shown that fluoride is actually dangerous. I have included a link to one of many sources on this matter.
    This is a very important issue. I dont drink tap water for just these reasons, I do however recycle ALL my plastics.

  3. terra Says:

    I was going off of the article, which says that flouride strengthens children’s teeth enamel. I’ll definitely look into the other side. I think the real problem with bottled water and teeth is that it leads to the mindset of portable beverages. ‘If it looks like water, it must be good, even if it’s loaded with sugar.’
    Thanks for pointing that out!
    Still, the chemicals in the plastic bottles are dangerous enough for me to avoid them as much as possible. Not to mention the waste.

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