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Sweet Kitty Litter August 1, 2007

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litterA while back, I was reading Peppermint Lisa’s blog and she wrote about a new kind of kitty litter called Swheat Scoop. It’s made of wheat, ground down to the size of regular kitty litter.

The clay kind was nice at first, but the cats kicked up a lot of unhealthy dust, and a lot of plastic bags were used to remove the mess. Also, the clay kind is mined out of the earth, which is not so nice. This new wheat litter comes from a renewable resource, is biodegradable, and can be flushed down the toilet. It also smells better – more natural. You also don’t need to put a plastic bag in the garbage every day – just flush it down the toilet.

One word of caution: my cat Lemon thought it was food, because his is sometimes given buckwheat pancake mix. To avoid that, sprinkle the old litter on top for a few days, but be sure to throw that out – don’t flush it until it’s pure Swheat Scoop.

be efficient: Wash your car on the grass.


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  1. Village Green Says:

    I’ve been going through the kitty litter angst thing myself. I thought I finally found the answer (that clay clumping stuff was not a good thing for the cat or his eyes). It is called “Cedarific” and is renewable, biodegradable –even compostable. It also smells very pleasant and is so light when it comes time to haul the bags around. But the problem is, the stores that once carried it locally don’t any more. I guess I could ask them to order it, but instead I grabbed onto another form of litter made of pine chips. Haven’t been able to find any research as to what form of litter is best for the cat and the planet.

    I thought I read some where that it is not a good thing to flush cat waste into the sewer system. This subject obviously is one that needs delving into further.

    Love your new blog, Terra! I will be visiting here regularly for sure.

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