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World’s 1st Green City July 31, 2007

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China is building the world’s first sustainable city, called Dongtan. Dongtan will be built on an island just north of Shanghai, and will include the following features:

  • ENERGY INDEPENDENCE: The city will create and harvest its own clean electricity.
  • CARBON BAN: Only zero-emissions vehicles will be allowed within city limits.
  • 65% OPEN SPACE: Parks, waterways, and organic farms will permeate the landscape.
  • HIGH DENSITY GREEN BUILDING: Super efficient structures will be clustered in walkable neighborhoods.
  • WASTE REPURPOSING: 90% of all waste will be reused and/or entered into multiple loop cycles.
  • Dongtan aims to house 500,000 people by 2020 in a healthy, sustainable environment.



    2 Responses to “World’s 1st Green City”

    1. Smart Guy Says:

      Though cities like Beijing have serious environmental deficiencies, this proves once again that China is looking forward, whereas the U.S. seems bent on holding onto the past.

    2. TimFitz Says:

      Another step in China’s future as the capitol of the world.

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