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Great Lakes Biodiesel July 30, 2007

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beerWe took a tour of the Great Lakes Brewing Company in Cleveland a few months ago, and were thrilled to learn about their environmental practices. They focus on sustainability to lower their costs, support local business, and help clean up the environment.

Great Lakes also hosts the Burning River Fest to educate people about water quality issues in NE Ohio. I can’t list all of the wonderful energy-saving things that the Great Lakes Brewery does, so check out this page.

Here are a few things they do:

  • The shuttle bus, The Fatty Wagon, is run on vegetable oil from the restaurant
  • Some of GLBC office paper, etc, is composted and made into high quality fertilizer
  • Recycle nearly everything, and use recycled products for their 4- and 6-packs
  • so much more…

Great Lakes also held “Dog days of summer” a few weeks ago. The street was packed with people and dogs, and a good time was had by all.

Tip of the day: Teach your dog to fetch your beer. ;)


2 Responses to “Great Lakes Biodiesel”

  1. suzen Says:

    the president of the company came to a Columbus Green Drinks this past winter and was terribly impressive. If I recall correctly, they even use brewery waste to make hot pretzels! innovation with conservation…gotta love it!

  2. terra Says:

    It’s so nice to see businesses taking the initiative to be more ecological. They’ve found that it saves them money, despite the fears that it costs more. How could it cost more to use less, and reuse resources we already have available?

    I think it’s excellent! And they’re vocal about it, which is even better.

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