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Ride the Rail, Bike the Trail July 20, 2007

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bikeThe Cuyahoga Valley Scenic Railroad has a $2 fare for bicyclists. You can flag down the train and hop aboard with your bike, and then bike back to your starting point. It runs Wednesdays through Sundays during the summer – through August 31.

Get your bike out and enjoy the summer Towpath Trail.


7 Responses to “Ride the Rail, Bike the Trail”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    I found out about the ride the train, bike the path during my 10 day visit to Ohio from Portland. I sure hope this idea is passed on to school kids and their families. What a wonderful family outing! It would be a great field trip too. What an awesome idea. I hope it works it’s way here. I might have to pass it along myself to get it started here. Thanks Terra. Love, mom

  2. Kyle Says:

    Terra, do you know if the picture in this post is from The Gorge? Just curious.

  3. terra Says:

    Yes, I think that is from the Gorge.

  4. TimFitz Says:

    I think that might be the ledges but I’m not 100%.

  5. Petey Says:

    Google the Maple Highlands trail in Geauga county and give that a try. Last Sunday, I walked 6 miles of it with my Yorkie. Needless to say we both enjoyed iy and the scenery is awsome.

  6. terra Says:

    I have to get tubes and brakes for my $10 garage sale bike, and I’ll be hitting the trails.

    Here’s where I got the picture. I’ll link better next time. :)

  7. Anonymous Says:

    Terra, you should look into getting one of those little bike trailers so you can take my grand dog. She would love it I know.

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