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Harry Potter’s Happy Pages July 20, 2007

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potterTomorrow night at midnight, the final book of the Harry Potter series will be released. I love just about anything that gets kids to read and Harry Potter is wonderful at engaging people’s imagination and getting people excited about books. Thousands of bookstores, libraries, even towns will be having a party on tonight, in anticipation of the release of the 7th book – Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

Good news… This 784 page book will be printed on recycled paper! J.K. Rowling requested that all her books be printed on recycled paper. American publisher Scholastic is using 30% postconsumer paper (get the deluxe edition for 100% pcp) in the US, and the Forest Stewardship Council will approve 2/3 of the paper, which means that the trees used did not come from endangered forests. This saves 130,000 trees (but how many were cut?). Canadian publisher Raincoast Books did even better and used 100% recycled paper on all the books.

Over 12 million copies will be printed in the first run. Printing this book on recycled paper will save so many trees. It’s a good effort. I’m a little disappointed in the American publishers, and hope to see them use 100% recycled paper for future books.

Tip of the day: Turn lights off when you leave the room.


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  1. Knickle Punk Says:

    I’m sitting in a room with the lights off. Is this correct?

  2. terra Says:

    No, when you leave the room, turn the light off.

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