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Is Ford stepping up? July 19, 2007

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Ford is teaming up with Southern California Edison with plans to test new rechargeable hybrid cars. SCE will receive one Ford plug-in hybrid this year, and possibly 20 by 2009 to test their “durability, range and impact on the power grid” said Susan M. Cischke, Ford senior vice president for sustainability, environment and safety engineering. (Wouldn’t it be nice if the U.S. had a Department of Sustainability?)

The plan is to bring plug-in hybrids to the market more quickly. Plug-in hybrids are attractive because the car can be charged in a standard outlet. It uses battery power until the battery runs low, and then switches to the combustion engine. Therefore, in-town commuters will use little or no gas, and can still use their “electric” car for long trips. Until other sources of fuel are more readily available, this is the best technology we have.

I would love to have an electric car for short commutes, and a plug-in hybrid as the long-term car. *dreaming*

- Beacon Journal article.

Tip of the day: Unplug your cell phone charger and charge your phone in your car during your commute instead.


4 Responses to “Is Ford stepping up?”

  1. Petey Says:

    A key to this idead working – continued cheap electricity. I think that govt officials should be on guard against the peril of electricity deregulation similar to what happened to our Nat Gas prices under this so called “Free Market”/ Dereg

    How about if I charged my elect car w/ a windmill?

  2. terra Says:

    My dream is an electric car that you plug into your house, which is powered by solar or wind.

    My mom lives in Portland, and they have windmills all along the Columbia river. She gets all her electricity from the wind power – at a discount!

  3. Petey Says:

    My sister in Seattle tells me that there are lots of alt energy ideas at work in the Pacific Northwest. a neighboring county sponsored a conference on Bio-fuels.

    Too bad Ohio doesnt get on the bandwagon

  4. Anonymous Says:

    better idea get rid of the cell phone.

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